What Florida Real Estate Investors Need To Know About Mixed-Use Property Loans

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In the age of convenience and capitalizing on current trends, smart renters are hoping to maximize their space, save time, and save energy, while savvy investors are looking to earn high returns from their income-producing properties. What does that mean for the Florida real estate market and the future of Florida real estate investment? A major increase in the popularity of mixed-use properties.

Mixed-use properties have been a viable investment for decades, but the growing demand for combined residential and commercial properties saw a resurgence during the COVID-19 pandemic and has remained constant since.  

Whether people prefer working at home or want to return to workspaces that are equipped with extra amenities, mixed-use properties check a lot of boxes and can make for an excellent Florida real estate investment. 

Make the most out of your mixed-use property loan by staying in the know and working with local, respected hard money loan experts. This blog highlights key factors that real estate investors need to know about maximizing mixed-use properties as a real estate investment. 


What are Mixed-Use Properties?

Mixed-use properties are properties that offer a combination of commercial, residential, retail, office, and even parking lots. Typically, the residential side takes up the majority of the space. For example, Florida mixed-use real estate often includes storefronts located on the ground level followed by single-family apartments above. Popular mixed-use properties can include any or all of the following types: 

  • Commercial properties
  • Retail properties
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Single-family or Multi-family homes
  • Hotels
  • Townhouses and Condos
  • Apartment complexes
  • Warehouses and industrial areas
  • Construction projects
  • Parking lots or structures

Community Capital Holdings provides secure, expert hard money loans for mixed-use properties across Florida to help future investors get the funding they need to purchase or renovate an investment property. 


Why are Mixed-Use Property Loans Beneficial?

Mixed-use properties, especially in a growing real estate market such as Florida’s, are increasing in popularity. Though any investment comes with work and should be backed by a well-capitalized, well-connected team, mixed-use properties can be incredibly beneficial and lucrative when purchased with secure hard money funding from a qualified private real estate lender.

Mixed-use loans can be the right choice for investors who may identify with the following: 

  • You are looking to purchase or renovate a mixed-use building
  • You don’t want to compete with cash buyers or hassle with traditional lenders
  • You want to provide a space for multiple tenants
  • You don’t meet the requirements for traditional loans
  • You want to purchase a run-down building that serves multiple purposes 

When Florida real estate investors opt for a mixed-use property loan, there’s less risk because you have multiple sources of financing due to having numerous tenants and various business types in one complex. Mixed-use properties are also in high demand from qualified tenants, making these loans a far more secure investment than many other property types.


Why Are Mixed-Use Properties In High Demand in Florida?

Florida tenants and investors alike are lining up to add mixed-use properties to their real estate investment portfolio for a few reasons:

  • More affordable for tenants– Rather than renting two spaces – one for living and one for work or recreation – they often only have one monthly payment for a mixed-use property rent. 
  • Less risk for investors- Because of the consistently high demand for income-producing mixed-use rentals, investors won’t lose too much money if a tenant decides to leave. Diversifying your investment across multiple kinds of properties also adds a level of security.
  • Convenient for both parties– Especially in city centers and metropolitan areas in Florida, mixed-use properties don’t require transportation from residential spaces to nearby offices, retail, restaurants, or entertainment as they are located just steps away.
  • More sustainable– Due to combining commercial and residential spaces into one property, there is less need for transportation which is better for the environment and allows renters to reduce their footprint without sacrificing their enjoyment.


How Do I Make The Most of My Mixed-Use Property Investment?

Securing reliable, trustworthy funding for your mixed-property loan is key to making the most of your Florida real estate investment. At Community Capital Holdings, we discuss your options and make rapid funding a reality. Utilizing our connections and considerable knowledge will help you maximize and optimize your mixed-use property investment. 

In real estate, the fast fish eats the slow fish, so working with an experienced, reliable, and savvy hard money lender is crucial in making the most of your mixed-use property investment.

If you’re considering a Florida real estate investment, know that mixed-use properties are in high demand. It’s imperative that you have a credible, reliable, and fast hard funding source in order to secure your investment. Community Capital has funded over $100 million in private real estate loans and focuses solely on hard money lending. 

Get started on securing and maximizing your mixed-use property loan today by contacting Community Capital Holdings.

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