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Don’t let past credit issues keep you from receiving the funding you need for your next investment property. Community Capital offers Non-Qualified Mortgage loans throughout Florida for several property types. Our underwriters will work to provide the best Non-QM loan options for your situation.

What is a non-qualified mortgage Loan?

Also referred to as non-qm loans, Non-Qualified Mortgages are loan options that do not hold the past against you when borrowing. Bad credit from foreclosures, late payments or filing for bankruptcy can void lending options via qualified loans. However, Non-qualified mortgage borrowing looks less at credit history and more at an individual’s ability to pay back a loan. For example, a borrower’s income, type of employment, and current cash flows.

Qualified Property Types for non-qualified mortgage Loans

Commercial Properties

Retail Properties

Single-Family and Multi-Family Homes

Townhouses and Condos

Apartment Complexes

Warehouses and Industrial Plants

Construction projects

For a full list of qualified hard money loan property types or for additional information,  please contact us online or call 1 (954) 947-1232.

Benefits of getting a non-qualified mortgage Loan in Florida from Community Capital

Fast & Reliable Funding

variety of loan options

Quick Decisions & Competitive Rates

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Looking for private funding for your next investment property? Community Capital offers non-qualified mortgage loans throughout Florida to help future investors get the funding they need to purchase or renovate an investment property. Our team of professional hard money lenders will work to provide the best hard money loan options for your investment project.

Mortgage brokers protected

At Community Capital, broker protection is a best practice. We’ve built our business around our broker partnerships and look forward to helping your clients succeed.

Attractive rates that change daily

The market changes every day, and so do our rates. Contact Community Capital today for the most current rates on our hard money loans, bridge loans and beyond.

loan terms

up to 24 months

interest only

rates change daily

60% of Maximum ltv

1st mortgage position

applying for a non-qualified mortgage loan is simpl

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