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Why Choose Community Capital

We’re proven, professional and are a true partner who’s readily available to help turn your plan into action. We’ve funded over $400 million in private real estate loans and focus solely on hard money lending. Ready to invest in Florida real estate? We’re ready to help! 

Value Added Acquisitions
Get the financing you need in order to invest in income producing properties such as Multi-Dwelling Units, Commercial Office Space, Retail, Industrial and more.
Foreign National Borrowers
Our real estate based loans allow qualified foreign investors to take advantage of opportunities without the same documentation that traditional loans would require.
Refinance / Redevelopment
Whether it’s a Bridge Loan you need, or beyond, use the equity in your current property to make improvements and add value to your investment portfolio.
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We have unmatched experience

At Community Capital Holdings, our wealth of experience, proven success rate, and our ability to make quick decisions has enabled us to help both local and foreign investors in every aspect of the real estate investment process. Our considerable commercial banking and lending expertise, and our connections throughout Florida, have helped thousands of borrowers realize their real estate dreams and reach their investment goals.

One of the most important factors when choosing an alternative real estate lender is whether they are well funded. We are. We’re proven, professional and are readily available to lend. In real estate, timing is everything – and having a well-capitalized partner is key. For these reasons, we are the premier choice for Florida real estate investors. Let our experience guide your next investment.

We're well capitalized

we make
quick decisions

In the real estate industry, the fast fish eats the slow fish. Our underwriters understand this business better than most and know that quick decisions mean the difference between success and mediocrity. We are nimble – using our connections and experience to get you the answers you need within 24 hours – so you always have an important edge in the investment market.

we understand real estate investing in florida

We know how important your time and money is regarding your next real estate investment and can’t wait to help you turn your plan into a project, and your idea into an investment property.