How to Tell if a Hard Money Lender has Experience Working with Foreign Nationals

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Rising real estate prices and a strong dollar mean more foreign buyers are financing residential real estate than ever before. However, non-U.S. citizens must consider several factors when applying for a traditional mortgage including rigid lender requirements, higher borrowing costs, and a more arduous approval process.

Unlike U.S. investors, foreign nationals face a variety of issues that can delay or derail a real estate investment project such as larger down payments on conventional loans, a longer approval process at most big banks, and a litany of hoops to jump through about visas and green cards. These barriers are unnecessary and create hassles when looking for fast, secure funding for your real estate investments.

Investing in income producing real estates such as fix and flip properties, multi-family rentals, retail and recreational spaces, and more can be an excellent way to see high returns on your investments. Working with an experienced professional is crucial in guaranteeing the best possible loan terms for your needs.

If you are a foreign national who lives, works, and resides in your home country, but you do business in the U.S. or make short visits to Florida for work or vacation, you may want to own property here or invest in real estate. Community Capital Holdings believes that it shouldn’t be hard to secure hard money. We have experience working with international investors and make it easy for foreign nationals to invest in Florida real estate.

It shouldn’t be hard for foreign nationals to purchase real estate investment properties in Florida. Here’s a list of ways to know if you’re working with the right alternative lender for your Florida real estate investment project. 

You can tell a hard money lender has experience working with foreign nationals if they:


1.Offer an easy approval process

Investing in Florida real estate should be easy. Our highly professional team of expert underwriters are prepared to fund and service high-value, income-producing real estate loans. Because we are well-versed in the Florida market, experienced with various buyers, and well-capitalized, we offer a fast, easy approval process for foreign nationals.

Institutional lenders like banks and credit unions have to follow stringent federal requirements to prove a consumer’s ability to repay their loan, making mortgage lending to foreign nationals far more difficult, and often more costly or time-consuming.

It’s a risk that traditional lenders like banks and credit unions aren’t usually willing to take, but hard money private real estate lenders like Community Capital don’t see it that way. Offering an easy approval process for savvy foreign investors only benefits both parties.


2. Fund several successful foreign national investments

A history of frequent funded deals made with foreign nationals highlights that we’re an experienced and knowledgeable team. Our real estate investment experts have been doing this for decades and are dedicated to Florida’s success, and therefore the success of our investors. 

Savvy foreign nationals looking to make serious returns on their income-producing real estate investments know Community Capital is the right fit if:

  • They want to leverage local connections
  • They are well-capitalized and well-funded
  • They need a funding decision within 24-hours
  • Are making a cash transaction
  • Are interesting in working with an experienced, reliable team


3. Make quick, experienced decisions that show a success rate

Community Capital is based in South Florida and are industry experts with 120 years of combined experience. Being deeply knowledgeable, well-capitalized, and well-connected, our partners can always expect quick, experienced decisions with quick turnaround times that allow you to capitalize on an investment and not get caught up in red tape or ridiculous delays.

Because of our fast funding and turnaround, foreign nationals can easily invest in Florida-based real estate properties and projects such as:

  • Commercial properties
  • Office buildings
  • Retail properties
  • Single-Family and Multi-Family Homes (Investment only)
  • Townhouses and Condos
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Special-Use Properties
  • Warehouses and Industrial
  • Construction projects
  • Mixed-Use
  • Medical Office-Condo


4. Does not need proof of citizenship, Green Cards, or U.S. tax returns

Unlike traditional lenders, commercial banks, and credit unions, Community Capital does not require “red tape” or mountains of paperwork for qualified foreign investors, allowing for an easier investing experience. We are more than willing to work with foreign nationals who:

  • Have no primary residence
  • Don’t have a Social Security number
  • Have no U.S. credit score, credit history, or references
  • Don’t have any proof of employment, income, or assets
  • Have no way to verify the down payment


Community Capital is a local, Florida-based hard money lender whose team makes fast and expert decisions. We are well-capitalized and well-equipped to offer quick turnaround times, easy approval processes, and a long line of successful investment history to foreign national investors.

Avoid the time-consuming requirements of conventional lenders and work with our local, nimble, and well-capitalized team of experienced underwriters here in Florida.

If you’re a foreign national looking to invest in the Florida real estate market, contact Community Capital at [email protected] 

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