5 Signs of Working with the Right Hard Money Lender

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Savvy, smart investors know that non-conventional loans are seriously advantageous in a competitive market. When embarking on your next income-producing real estate adventure, working with a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated hard money lender is essential to see long term results and lofty returns. 

Look for these 5 sure-fire signs when selecting the right hard money lender.


1. Well-Capitalized

If you need a non-conventional loan, you need to work with a lender that is well-capitalized. Having funds immediately available and always on-hand is essential so you can secure the property you want or successfully fund your next project. 

Community Capital Holdings and our many partners are successful because of our team of highly skilled professionals who underwrite, fund, and service loans in-house. 

Our max LTV (loan-to-value) is 60% of the value of the property or purchase price–whichever is lower. For example, if we placed the value of an income-producing property at $1 million, the maximum amount of the loan would be $600,000. We’ve funded over $100 million in deals, and are well-capitalized for your next real estate project.

In a business that runs on quick turn-around times, the last thing savvy investors want is to work with a team that doesn’t have the funds to make fast decisions. 


2. Makes Quick Decisions

In real estate, the fast fish eats the slow fish. Acting fast and making quick decisions means you always have an edge in the real estate investment market.

Hard money loans provide investors with the quick capital that is necessary when purchasing, refurbishing, or stabilizing investment properties. When hard money lenders are well-capitalized and well connected, they are able to make the quick decisions that are crucial in the real estate market. 

Working with an experienced team of local underwriters can take days or weeks, whereas the red tape of conventional loans can take months. Our work starts as soon as you contact us by completing our hard money loan application. We will look at your application and get back to you within 24 business hours indicating our terms and interest in working with you. Once everyone agrees on the loan conditions, we gather the documentation such as the property title, insurance, appraisal, etc. to secure your funds within the typical range of 1-2 weeks.


3. Immersed in Local Community

Though investors don’t need to be Florida residents, all of our properties have to be located in Florida–which is actually for the better. 

The Community Capital Holdings team is extremely well-versed in the Florida real estate market not only because of our experience but also because we live here too and deeply love the Sunshine State. 

We’re headquartered in South Florida and have successfully funded hundreds of real estate investment properties from the Keys to Pensacola. Between our educations, starting families here, creating our homes, and building businesses right here in Florida, the Community Capital team is dedicated to funding Florida’s growth and the future of our state.


4. History of Successful Investments

The numbers speak for themselves. Working with both local and foreign investors, we’ve funded over $100 million in real estate investment properties across Florida. 

We’re constantly funding Florida real estate deals and update our funded deals frequently, so investors interested in pairing with a skilled team always see transparent terms, competitive interest rates, various loan options, and understand the intricacies of the many property types. We’re proven, professional and are a true partner who’s readily available to help turn your plan into action. 

We help get you the funding you need for hard money private real estate loans such as:


  • Commercial property loans
  • Commercial bridge loans
  • Commercial construction loans
  • Mixed-use property loans
  • Fix-and-flip loans
  • Non-QM loans
  • Multi-family rentals


5. Backed by Experience

At Community Capital Holdings, our wealth of experience, proven success rate, and ability to make quick decisions have enabled us to help both local and foreign investors in every aspect of the real estate investment process. Our team is full of experienced corporate lenders, portfolio managers, underwriters, banking directors, and various leadership experiences. Working with a well-rounded team is critical to securing a quick hard money loan.

Our considerable commercial banking and lending expertise, and our connections throughout Florida, have helped thousands of borrowers realize their real estate dreams and reach their investment goals.


To work with Florida’s best hard money lender, contact Community Capital Holdings at (954) 947-1232 or [email protected]

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