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Avoid the time-consuming requirements of conventional lenders and work with our local, nimble, and well-capitalized team of experienced underwriters in Florida.


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We offer loans up to 60% LTV.

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Looking for private funding for your next investment property? Community Capital offers hard money loans throughout Florida to help future investors get the funding they need to purchase or renovate an investment property. Our team of professional hard money lenders will work to provide the best hard money loan options for your investment project.

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In the real estate industry, the fast fish eats the slow fish. Our underwriters understand this business better than most and know that quick decisions mean the difference between success and mediocrity. We are nimble – using our connections and experience to get you the answers you need within 24 hours – so you always have an important edge in the investment market.

One of the most important factors when choosing a Private Real Estate Lender is whether they are well funded. We are. We’re proven, professional and are readily available to lend. In real estate, timing is everything – and having a well-capitalized partner is key. For these reasons, we are the premier choice for Real Estate Investors. Let our experience guide your next investment.

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